1. But also, the format of television— much more than film— lends itself to how people consume content now. In small doses. Think about music. The release of a full-length album, with all its requisite buildup and hype, while still theoretically a cool idea, is no longer that interesting. A musician who wins today tours relentlessly, releases a song or two a month, multiple EPs, behind-the-scenes videos, photoshoots, etc. Maybe they even drop a surprise album. It’s a constant stream of content.
    — Paul Cantor “Hollywood Has a Major Problem” (via newspeedwayboogie)

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  2. The Art of Darkness by Matt Kish - acrylic paint and ink illustrations for each page of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

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  3. New York

    New York

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    Andrew Moore: Dirt Meridian at the Yancey Richardson Gallery
  5. Li Hongbo at Klein Sun Gallery until March 2

  6. Frank Underwood’s Ringtone

    Frank Underwood’s Ringtone

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    metonymy in juicy j

    metonymy in juicy j

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    my brazilian mohawk days w/ tony and tom in rio. 2005

    my brazilian mohawk days w/ tony and tom in rio. 2005

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    Cap by THE WARPAINT AGENCY, Shirt by LotOTees
Model: Caroline Roxy
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  10. party martians, mtv scum.

  11. From Mediabistro:

    Artist Maxime Mary created a Little Golden Books-style book jacket and one interior page showcasing characters from the popular crime TV series. The other artists behind the “Little Golden Tales” exhibit contributed pieces based on Lord of the RingsDoctor Who, and more.

    According to io9, “some of the works pay tribute to the actual characters and artwork found in the classic children’s books, while others re-imagine other (sometimes inappropriate) works of pop culture in Golden Book form.” This art show is currently on display at a California-based establishment called Gallery Nucleus. It will close on February 09, 2014.

  12. An Intern Quit After One Day at VICE… Here’s the Email

    The kid filled out his internship paperwork, sent a FedEx or two, broke down some boxes and went home…

    Then he sent this email:

    From: [Name Redacted]
    September 19, 2007 10:02:15 AM EDT
    "Brian" <brian@vbs.tv>
    Subject: Brian:

    I am writing to tell you that I am not going to come in today. Here is why:

    I was filled with despair all day previous. This attitude is self-determined, I realise, but it is real. I know you can feel this, and I think this might explain the “vibe-i-ness” of the whole office. My misery rubs off. I came to look for a job, but really: If I were in a hiring position I wouldn’t dream of employing someone who brings misery. And so it goes that I feel more guilt for being miserable… 

    The despair I speak of was brought on by a lack of social status rubbing against my considerable pride. I understood this would be a stretch for me coming into the internship, and thought I could self-sacrifice for future benefit: learning for instance, or the possibility of getting a job. These future benefits no longer seem attainable, or worth the sacrifice. 

    Why? The contract and the polaroid are a big part of it. Being asked (at the age of 24 and living under with imposed independence and poverty) for my parents’ phone number and address. My school, etc. I know you don’t enjoy it either, but that process implies a hostility towards your interns. A need for protection from the people who come to you to volunteer time. I was dissapointed. This is of no fault to you, and I am sure that your bosses have very real and immediate needs for this kind of protocol - I just felt very very very alienated, leveled and exploited. 

    This is good business, but bad social practice.

    Everyone I met was great to me, including you and Lauren. I know that it is in both of your best interests to not have me there under these circumstances. That said, I am a competent if not great: 


    -producer and organizer


    -idea person

    … and I am still looking for work. I think the staff would find me intensely likeable under a paid arrangement. One where I wouldn’t be consumed with “what am I doing with my life” questions constantly. It is brash to ask for a job now, sure: but whatever. I am trying to be honest here. 

    I want you to write me back, and would love to go for non-mandatory drinks with you sometime. Perhaps I could help you keep your interns better!


    [Name Redacted]


  14. Garge get snapback.

    (photoshop by MSquillante65)

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  15. December 28, 2013